And now we wait!

A famous line from a funny Dutch commercial about beer. A joint European space mission has just landed a rover on planet Mars, and it’s now up to the Dutch team to try to find life on the planet. They transform the rover into a bar with flashing neon letters, the works, sure to attract even the most abstaining ET. The Dutch “engineer” then leans back in his chair and utters with a fine Dutch accent “Now we wait!”.

This is not about beer. But we wait regardless. All prepared and ready to go. The call came yesterday early afternoon: we were possibly to be mobilised to battle the rising water. Or to put it more mildly, do our “stuff” in support of the civilian authorities, like evacuating the needing before they’re totally cut off from civilisation. It’s not Brisbane over here, more of an “annoyance” really, but still…

Who is “we” anyway? That’s the Dutch army reserve, better known as the “Nationale Reserve” or “Natres”. We’re equally adept at defending our borders as at helping old ladies fleeing for the flood. And we’re proud of it!

Yesterday was filled with getting everything organised. Mobilising the troops sounds easy but it isn’t. Specially when you don’t know most details of the plan yourself. But we did a good job yesterday, and everybody was eagerly waiting for the call. And now we wait. No call yet. That’s life. It’s not by coincidence in our name: reserve.

Big thumps up for all who responded. Despite the waiting, the uncertainty, the increasing chances of disappointment, spirits remain high. People, you rock!

(Sgt) Marco

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  1. Well… in the event we weren’t called. The waters didn’t rise as much as was feared and so our intervention was not needed. Luckily for the people affected, a pity for all of us who were eager to go…

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