Like nothing happened…

It’s all right folks,

My Nokia N8…you know…the one that died on me, is doing fine. Alive and kicking even, not a hint it was almost to be buried. But of course, it’s early days and I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed. Which doesn’t make typing easier, by the way.

Staying on the subject, there’s a buzz on the internet about new firmware upgrades for the temperamental girl. Much speculations doing the rounds, but few hard facts. Will we be seeing the much talked about PR 1.1 firmware (PR meaning “Public Release”) in the coming days, and what about the 50+ changes in the firmware upgrade coming after that? Will that be the all singing all dancing PR 2.0 already, or a 1.2 release. Wait and see people, there are already too much rumours to be found on the net. Patience is a virtue.

What we do know, is that there is a small software upgrade called “Apps Update 1.0) available since yesterday. It is supposed to contain some improvements to the built in apps, but mostly hard to tell if there are any noticeable differences.

Also, there is now evidence of PR 1.1 “in the wild”, not for the general public but apparently those who really can’t wait and want to try their best to get their hands on it, might be able to see if it has been worth waiting for. Personally, I will wait for the official release. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not within the next month.

In the end, folks, it’s only a phone. We’re excited about it now and will be throwing it in the trash (not literally, I may hope) in a couple of years when it’s already fit for a museum. I’m not talking only about the N8, but also your latest Iphones, Androids and what else. It’s all the same. Still….they are a lot of fun, aren’t they? 😉