The return of…

Hmmm…haven´t I been here before…?

I’m an infrequent blogger, not on any schedule and only adding content when I feel something is worthwhile to share. Or just as a convenient way to take notes for my own personal use. I suppose all this were amongst the reasons why I abandoned the previous instance of the blog, when it was hacked and compromised a year or two ago, and drastically removed all traces from my server!

Recently I finished a project, nothing special but of which I am pretty proud, and it got me thinking “wouldn’t it be nice to share it online?”. For a split second I contemplated starting a YouTube video blog, but that seems a bit too much effort, and not really my cup of tea. In hindsight the old blog wasn’t bad at all, so why not give it a fresh restart? So…here it is.

I have resurrected part of my old posts, those which I consider to be at least still reasonably relevant, and recoverable. Here the Wayback Machine helped a lot, only two or three old posts were missing images and were therefore harder to restore.

It’s probably of no use to anyone at all, but that’s okay. It’s enough as my own small blogging corner on the web. And yes, it went live on a New Year’s Day.