Return of “The Blog”

It’s back

Since my last post on “Warranty Void” a couple of years ago, blogging about the little things that keep me busy fell into disuse. I had spent too much time customizing WordPress, and when things slowly fell apart I kinda lost interest in it all…

Much has changed since my last post. Almost everything I wrote about back then is now outdated and irrelevant. It’s still available here, but only because I can’t bring myself to deleting it (again).

Was I just dabbling a bit in the Linux world, a couple of years ago, courtesy of the little Raspberry Pi…It’s a different story nowadays. I’m a full convict, server and client! Never thought I would become so proficient with Linux, there is always more to learn, but I can without hesitation say I’m suitably proficient. The fun in computing is back. It’s even a bit of a confession: things have turned 180º now, I have to think twice or three times to do the same thing in Windows (at work…) what comes naturally in Linux. That says something for a Windows-educated guy.

Elementary OS  showed me I can go “full Linux” without concessions, giving me a client desktop far more appealing than the bloated and stupid Windows 8 screw up. I virtualized my servers environment with Proxmox, switched over to Zimbra as mail and collaboration server, and standardized on Ubuntu as the server OS. But complacency is like going backwards, and I was, somewhat hesitant at first, eyeing what I felt would be the ultimate goal: building my own Linux from scratch, with Arch Linux.

I’m in love, and have been for the past half year or so, with Arch. Yes it’s a steep learning curve, but once the basics were mastered it has given me nothing but satisfaction. I was more than pleasantly surprised that Arch combined with Cinnamon, the Zukitwo theme and a couple of own tweaks could give me a desktop environment equally attractive as Elementary OS but more flexible and without the need to reinstall with every new mayor release!

Impressed by the flexibility, purity and power of Arch Linux, I decided it was high time to standardize on Arch, Even three Raspberry Pi’s were migrated to ARCH Linux ARM. Only the three Proxmox nodes, the Zimbra server, and the Pi with RaZberry remain as they were (respectively with Debian, Ubuntu and Raspbian). When migrating the web server, I initially ditched the “Warranty Void” blog. Then, after a couple of days, I had second thoughts and started a new WordPress installation from scratch. And whilst I was at it, why not try to import the content of the old blog in here? Seemed like a waste not to do so.

Welcome to Will it fly?